As a Meeting, how do we support each other in being faithful?

As a Meeting we have been working to become more intentional in asking each other on a regular basis, "How has God been with thee since last we met?"

This inquiry takes many forms. It may be a simple question asked from one to another over soup. At other times it takes place in the informal request by a member or attender to one or more others for help in sorting out his or her calling. More formally, our meeting makes regular use of the clearness process.

Making this inquiry, and responding to it, requires willingness on the part of all involved to submit to the process and to a power higher than ourselves. It requires of us the willingness to offer ourselves not as a judge, but as a conduit, willing to participate in sharing openly, hearing honestly, and to speaking and acting with integrity. We must be willing to ask the question, and to have it asked of us, not only at the beginning of a faith journey, but also as the journey progresses; celebrating with each other and learning as we witness examples of faithful obedience to the living presence in our midst, and holding each other accountable when we stray. Doing so is not always easy. We must be willing to acknowledge and face not only the times we are able to meet the challenge of being provoked to do good works, but also the times we feel unable to do it alone, and the jagged edges we encounter in ourselves and each other as we strive to be faithful individually and as a meeting.

We strive to become a covenant community with each other, which makes the challenge of living faithfully easier. Several small groups of individual meet together for worship or discussion during the week. We regularly share soup and fellowship following meeting. We share our faith journeys in the world both within our witness in the world committee and often as a focused sharing over soup.

We are grateful for the historical practices of Friends and for the community we share. Through these, we come to know that we do not have to walk the path of faithfulness alone. Our faithful journey, whether it involves a sense of living fully and with integrity, changing the world outside our meeting, being called to great sacrifice, or to actions we were unable to predict when we began our journey, our experience together of God's love over all of us, forgiving us and loving us as we are, makes the journey easier.

We joyfully proclaim, "Praise be to God!"

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