Above is the masthead of the old Cleveland Friends Meeting newsletter.
The library has a nearly complete run from its beginning in the 1930s through its last issue, 7th-8th month, 2003.
We've gone electronic, sending out announcements and information whenever needed.
There is no longer any newsletter as such being published.

library bookcases

Members and attenders are well aware of the room which houses the meeting's library. But not everyone may be aware of our collection of books, Pendle Hill Pamphlets, other pamphlets and brief materials, magazines, newsletters, and other periodicals that focus primarily on Quakerism. This is a good place to come to learn more about our faith and practice, our testimonies and history. We have journals and biographies of Friendsour exemplars of how to be a Friend. We also have materials on the Bible, on social action, and on peace. These constitute our main collection. In addition we have selected items touching on a few more topics: other faiths, international relations, poverty, racism, poetry, sexuality, fiction, and so on.

Members and attenders are invited to come and browse. If you find something you want to borrow, just sign the card in the pocket in the back of the book, and place the card in the small file box pictured to the left. When you return the book or magazine, put it in the cardboard box labelled RETURN BOOKS HERE.

The library committee has rearranged the books on the shelves to provide more space for new acquisitions. Some of the books that do not directly deal with Quakerism, the Bible, or spiritual life in general have been moved into the meeting room's bookcases. Old issues of Friends Journal have also been moved there.

Finding Things in the Library

It is not as easy to find a specific title or topic as it will be when the new electronic card catalogue is complete and up-to-date. Chris is working on this steadily. There are instructions on using the computer on the table near the dining room door. In the meantime, we suggest you also try the card catalogues (title, author, and subject) that we have, even though they are not complete. The library is organized with Dewey Decimal numbers, starting in the upper left corner of the bookcase to the right of the hall door. (That is the upper left corner of the photo at the top of this page.)

There is a shelf of POETRY and FICTION by or about Friends, in the bookcase to the left as you face the hall door. Authors include Daisy Newman, Elizabeth Gray Vining, Jessamyn West, Irene Allen, Joan Slonczewski, Phil Gulley, Margaret Lacey, Jan de Hartog, and others. Recent additions to the Quaker fiction section are the first three volumes of the Harmony novels by Phil Gulley. If you haven't enjoyed the simple pleasure of immersion in the fictional town of Harmony, Indiana, and the joys and tribulations of its Friends Church, give Home to Harmony a try. If anyone would like to write a short review of one or more of the works of fiction, please contact the Library Committee.

BIBLES of many translations and versions are on the mantelpiece above the fireplace. We have the 12-volume Interpreter's Bible, as well, for anyone who wants to see what scholars have said about a given passage. They are in the bookcase to the left, when facing the dining room door. We also have a variety of Bible commentaries, biographies of biblical characters, and other material relating to biblical interpretation. Many of these are filed under Dewey Decimal numbers 221, 222, 223, 224 etc.

For those who are curious, the photograph above the mantelpiece is of Madeline Williams, whose home became our meeting house in 1956. This photograph has been donated to the Western Reserve Historical Society, our neighbor across Cook Lane.

legal bookcase with some periodicals shelved in it

We have PERIODICAL subscriptions to Friends Journal, reflecting Friends General Conference attitudes, Quaker Life, published by Friends United Meeting, and The Conservative Friend newsletter, put out by Friends mostly connected with Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative). These publications are in racks on the large table, and stacked on or under the table between the dining room door and the fireplace, where the computer also is found. We subscribe to three periodicals that are filed in the legal-style bookcase shown in the photograph to the right: Foundation Papers, previously known as New Foundation Papers, and Quaker Religious Thought, often known as simply QRT. We used to subscribe to the non-Quaker Weavings: a Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life, each issue of which is devoted to exploring a single theme. There are a number of newsletters from Friends' groups engaged in a variety of social action and peace work. We do not maintain archival files of most of these; as issues appear they are often put on the table in the dining room. Folks are encouraged to take home copies of the FCNL newsletter or AFSC's Quaker Action, as we receive multiple copies in order to disseminate them.

The meeting library has an interesting collection of PEACE related materials. At the moment they are shelved in several different places. Check the card catalogue for the appropriate Dewey Decimal number for books. The pamphlets relating to peace are in a cardboard folder on the shelf just under the Pendle Hill Pamphlets. As our overall library collection continues to grow, segments are expanding into the built-in glass-doored bookshelves in the meeting room. There is a pile of Conscientious Objector (CO) and draft counselling material there, pictured above to the right. Of course the United States does not have a draft law at the moment, so these materials are out dated. However, they may be of use once again in the future, and their arguments against participation in the military remain valid. In time we hope to get all the peace-related materials together in this cabinet.

library table

The meeting library continues to obtain new books and pamphlets that are ready and waiting for eager or curious readers. They have not yet been catalogued and shelved, so are easily available on the main table in the library (pictured to the left). Please use the sign-out card in the pocket of what ever item you would like to borrow.

Take a look at some new books; new and "golden oldie" Pendle Hill Pamphlets; other pamphlets and brief materials, or journals and biographies of Friends.

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