Quaker Journals
in the library of Cleveland Friends Meeting

Reading Quaker journals and biographies is an excellent way to learn more about the Quaker way of life. We have no creed or specific set of doctrines to which one must subscribe. But there is a distinct way of life that perhaps can be understood most fully through the lives of Friends who set an example for the rest of us to try to follow.

This is a very random beginning list of some of the many journals we have in the library. They are shelved together under a yellow sign in the middle bookcase on the wall backing up to the dining room. Their Dewey Decimal numbers are 920.86 for collections of narratives, and 922.86 for books about a single individual. Within the 922.86 number they are in alphabetical order by the last name of the subject.

Fox, George. Journal; we have many versions, although more copies are signed out than are on our shelves at the present. (If you have one that belongs to the Meeting, please return it!) The most definitive edition is by John L. Nickalls (1952).

Fogelklou, Emilia (ed. by Howard T. Lutz) Reality and Radiance: Selected Autobiographical Works of Emilia Fogelklou (Richmond, Ind.: Friends United Press, 1985) 922.86 / Fo1985re

Penington, Mary. Experiences in the Life of Mary Penington (written by herself) (London: reprinted by Friends Historical Society, 1992) 922.86 / Pe1992ex

Penn, William. (ed. by Isabel Grubb) My Irish Journal, 1669-1670 (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1952). 922.86 / Pe1952my

Vining, Elizabeth Gray. Quiet Pilgrimage 922.86 / Vi1970qu

Woolman, John. Journal and Major Writings. There are many different editions; I think the best is that edited by Philips Moulton.

NOTE: A group of us meets every first and third Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 to discuss things Quaker. You are welcome to join. Call Marty for more information.

Biographies of Friends

Books written about the lives of Friends (there are a lot more in the library):

Prudence Crandall: A Biography, by Marvis Olive Welch. (Manchaster, Conn.: Jason Publishers, 1983). 922.86 / Cr1983pr

Herbert Hoover: A Biography, by Eugene Lyons. (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1964). 922.86 / Ho1964he

Living with Nature's Extremes the biography of Gilbert Fowler White, by Robert E. Hinshaw. (2006).

Reviews and Short Comments
on books and pamphlets in the library of Cleveland Friends Meeting

Friends and attenders are warmly invitedeven urgedto share comments about things you have read from the meeting library. Here are a few to get you started, and to encourage you to read some of these things for yourself.

??? ??? Revolutionary Quaker Witness: Learning from the Lamb's War of the 1650s by Doug Gwyn, with an introduction by Brian Drayton, is the 2009 talk Doug gave at Beacon Hill Friends House in their Quaker issues series. We are currently discussing this pamphlet on first and third Tuesday evenings at 7:00 at the meeting house. All are welcome to join.

??? ??? Opening the Quaker Time Capsule by Thomas D. Hamm is the 2001 Weed Lecture at Beacon Hill Friends House. Tom, a Quaker historian and archivist at Earlham College, reviews Quaker mores and thoughts at the turn of the last century. He describes what the optimists saw, what the pessimists feared, and invites us to learn from their prescriptions for improvement.

??? ??? Report from the Middle: Reflections on Divisions Among Friends Today by Doug Gwynn, in Beacon Hill Friends House Quaker Issues series, is two essays addressing major divisions within the Religious Society of Friends today. Doug compares them with the early Christian conflict between Jewish and gentile groups, and Paul's appeal to live in the tension because of our experience of transformation. Although our meeting is not struggling with the issue of homosexuality, we have other issues and divisions that might be helped by a thoughtful reading of Doug's essays.

??? ??? God's Healing Grace: Reflections on a Journey with Mental and Spiritual Illness (#394), by Mariellen Gilpin, is a challenging and encouraging story of her own struggle with mental illness into a deeply centered, grace-filled life in which she has come to understand and practice spiritual non-violence.

??? ??? You may find interesting Pendle Hill Pamphlet (#391) by Brian Drayton, Getting Rooted: Living in the Cross, A Path to Joy and Liberation. It includes some discussion questions at the end.

??? ??? In God We Die by Warren Ostrom, is a Pendle Hill Pamphlet (#385) that tackles questions about the end of life, trust in God, the high cost of health insurance, and other issues. For those who have participated in one of Connie Green's workshops, this pamphlet will have special meaning. Ostrom raises important issues that each of us is invited to pray about to find our own answers.

??? ??? Cleveland Meeting has published a book, Seeking God's Will on Same-Sex Relationships: The Experience of Cleveland Friends Meeting. It is a compilation of minutes, reports, and letters that document our eight plus year struggle to discern God's will for our meeting at that time on this issue. Click here for more information.

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