Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Second Month, 2004

The Meeting began at 1:15 PM with a period of silence. Seven were present.

The answer to the First Query (What moves me to live with integrity. When do I have difficulty in witnessing the truth? What gets in the way or blocks my being able to be faithful to this testimony, etc.) was read and approved.

Requests for membership for Sally K. and David G. were received: these were carried over to the Third Month Monthly Meeting. Recommendations for both Committees will be welcomed by Ministry and Oversight and the Clerk.

Kathy S. appealed to the Meeting for the names of individuals interested in staying informed about the activities of the Cleveland Coalition Against the Death Penalty. This will be done by weekly e-mails. A paragraph will be produced for individuals willing to be added to the list.
The Business Committee requested a resolution for opening a Charles Schwab Account. The Schwab account will enable the Meeting to invest in a socially responsible mutual fund(s). This was approved.

The Nominating Committee Report was carried over to Third Month Monthly Meeting. If the Clerk can locate someone to serve before the next Meeting, this individual can start to serve.

Linda B. requested that she be relieved from issuing the Tatler. This was approved with thanks to Linda for her years of hard work. This vacancy was forwarded to the Nominating Committee for their action. Meantime the Clerk will forward e-mail and urgent communications. The Tatler, when issued, will be sent by e-mail, with a few hard copies made available for those without computers.

The Meeting received a letter from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting thanking us for our financial help in restoring the Meeting at Ramalla.

The Meeting closed at 2:15PM with a period of silence.