Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Third Month, 2004

Clearness Committees for Membership were created for David. and Sally K. Davidís committee will consist of Lynn C. (convenor), Liz B., Bob E. and Marty G.. Sallyís committee will consist of Jean B. (convenor), Bob E., Cindy M. and Connie G.

Susan N. will serve as the third member of the Nominating Committee. That committee will make their first report at Fourth Monthís Meeting for Business.

Liz B. reported for Ministry and Oversight Committee on plans for a Spring retreat for the Meeting. Members of the Spiritual Nurture Subcommittee are talking to a facilitator from Chicago skilled in group process work, about facilitating a retreat that would help us discern our commonalities and differences and help us move forward as a Meeting community. Friends expressed concerns about this facilitatorís familiarity with Quaker process and practice, especially with regard to Friendsí spiritual and corporate discernment. Friends who have questions or concerns are encouraged to speak with or write a message to members of Spiritual Nurture (Liz, Carol Laursen, Kate Spry).

Lynn C. reported for Business Committee. This committee is working on converting financial records to a Quicken program and will have a proposed budget ready for next monthís Meeting for Business. The committee is also working on setting up a Schwab Account. A further report on this will be made next month. Treasurer Marty G. reported that the past monthís heating bill for the Meetinghouse was over $1000. This has necessitated moving $5000 from the House Reserves into the checking account to pay the bill. We are living beyond our revenues.
Friends Emma R. and Jessamyn B. have set up a Meeting website, We thank them for their hard work. We are hoping that most of the communication needs previously met by The Tatler will be met by this website and printouts of it.

Friends are appreciative of Bob E. for substituting as Clerk of Meeting and for Cindy M. who took Bobís role as Recording Clerk.