Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Seventh Month, 2004

Minute 1: Seventh Month 2004 Meeting for Business began in worship at 1:40 pm on the 25th day of the month with 12 Friends in attendance.

The clerk read from an advice from A. Seave Brayshaw (1926) in Christian Faith and Practice:

Recognizing that our end is one, even though the work of each has its own emphasis, we shall not want to always be out of one another’s sight, casually hearing of what others are doing…Many of our members so far give their attention to what is called 'outside work', as to leave them with little interest in the Society itself. Of some of them, the attendance at worship is fitful and listless and in the necessary work of their meeting they take no part. Conversely their meeting takes no interest in their doings and the separation grows wider. . . I would propose that each congregation should…come together in social gathering and hear from one and another not only of his work done for the church outside his own congregation, but also of his 'outside work' . . . and in the atmosphere of thankfulness for service and prayer for wisdom and strength the worker and his friends would be drawn into unity and the work would no longer be ‘outside’, but would be done in the strength that comes from the fellowship known by those who are laborers together with Christ. . .

There are times when this unity is known deeply. The serious illness or the death of one of the congregation does cause a coming together on the part of all, drawn near not only to the stricken family but to one another; we do weep with those who weep, we do not know enough of rejoicing with those who rejoice. I would reckon it the natural thing for the father and mother of the new born child, as soon as they are able to do so, to bring the child to meeting that the Friends there might rejoice with them and with one another in thankfulness for the new life. So might the parents be strengthened for the holy work, and the congregation understand that to them also is their Lord’s commission: "Take this child and nurse it for me."

Minute 2: Five queries on pastoral care from Ministry and Oversight Committee were presented. We will need more guidance from Ministry and Oversight to make use of them:

i) What does pastoral care mean to us as a Meeting? What actions does it include? What actions does it not include?

ii) What does pastoral care mean to me as a receiver of care? What does pastoral care mean to me as a giver of care?

iii) How do our gifts build and strengthen our community? What are the personal gifts I am led to share? What are our corporate gifts? Which of my gifts can I give freely as Friends in Meeting may have need of them?

iv) How is pastoral care linked to financial care of the Meeting?

v) How can we use pastoral care to strengthen community rather than solve problems?

Minute 3: The treasurer presented a budget report covering Fifth Month 2004 to Fourth Month 2005. We are encouraged that our donations by members and attenders have improved. We hope this will continue.

Minute 4: The following nominations have been accepted by the Meeting:

Library Committee: Marty G. and Jim B.

Business Committee: Bob E.(clerk), Ben V., Lynn C., David G. and Connie G.

Draft Committee of Peace, Environment and Social Concerns: Pat M. (clerk)

Greeting Committee: Tim D. (clerk), Kathy S.

Yard and Garden Committee: Connie G. (clerk), David G., Betsy W. (emeritus)

Liaison to University Circle Incorporated: Bob E.

Liaison to InterAct Cleveland: Joshua M.

A first reading was made of the following nominations:

Draft Committee of Peace, Environment and Social Concerns: Susan N., Joshua M., Cindy M.

Greeting Committee: Chuck K., Susan N, Linda B., Robin S., Betty L. (emeritus)

Yard and Garden Committee: Lynn C.

Ministry and Oversight:

Spiritual Programming: Kate S., Liz B.

Children’s Nurture: Eric C., Sally K., Seth K.

Spiritual Nurture of the Meeting: Carol L., Jim B., George S.

Clerk of Ministry and Oversight: Carol L. (ex officio on Board of Trustees)

Board of Trustees: Nancy R., Bob E., Ted W. Lynn C., Ben V., Carol L. (ex officio)

The second reading will occur at the Eighth Month Meeting for Business.

We do not currently have someone from the Meeting to coordinate and work the Fifth Monday Meal. Nominating Committee will make sure there is someone to coordinate the meal for Eighth Month 2004. The Meeting will revisit the issue of whether we will continue to provide the Fifth Monday Meal at Antioch Church.

Several Meeting positions we have had in the past are as yet unfilled. Meeting will take these up next month to discern how to address this situation.

Minute 5: The Meeting has received two requests for donations. One request is from Friends House Moscow which does work to promote democracy and nonviolence in Russia and which provides support to the fledgling Moscow Friends Meeting. Cleveland Meeting will consider this request later after we have addressed the issue of how to continue work for which we have no committee.

A second request for the Cleveland Peace Show will be answered with a $100 contribution. This Peace Show is an alternative to the Air Show with its display of military prowess. Friends are encouraged to participate on September 6th (Memorial Day) at the Free Stamp downtown.

A proposal was made that the Meeting participate in a project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation to send a group photo with a message of peace to Iraq. The Meeting discerned that we are not clear to proceed in this way. We will continue to seek the way God shows us. Information about the project is posted on the Peace bulletin board if individuals or families are interested in the project.

Minute 6: Our Liaison to InterAct informed the Meeting of a peace vigil and camp-out being planned in response to the UN’s International Day of Peace by the Congregation of St. Joseph on September 21st. Information is available on the Peace bulletin board.

Minute 7: Meeting ended in worship.